› web page layout design (graphic layout in photoshop)

› UI design (User Interface)

› static banner design or flash banner design

› flash (flash animation, flash menu, flash intro)

› HTML, CSS, jQuery


indoor print (poster, flyer, menu, personalized materials, presentation folder, cover design, product packaging, roll-up, banner)

outdoor print (billboard advertisement, banner, roll-up, large scale advertisement)


› logo design

› slogan creation, domain name

› identity materials design (presentation folder, brochure, header sheet, flyer, personalized materials)



• Lucian Apetrei is a freelancer web designer or independent web designer from Bucharest, who offers professional web design and print design services.
• He has over 8 years of experience in web design, throughout this time he was very diligent and he has learned to design anything in any format and for any medium, all at the best possible quality.
• Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator and Corel Draw are his old trusted buddies, the love between them is mutual :) and they like to update themselves frequently.


• Beeing a freelancer web designer, I have more time at my disposal for projects than the companies in the field, where the work style is quantity over quality.
• Cool ideas and free recommendations? It's possible with me. The companies in the field will bill you for every minute of consulting and every question.
• The collaboration with me is acomplished through a simple contract that you can download here: PDF - file icon collaboration contract model


In our visually and tecnhologically sophisticated society, access to information and knowledge seems easier than making sense of it or decide its veracity - on the web, pages and appplications are built by front-end developers to present and put data or relationships in context.

Front-end or "client-side" development is a relatively obscure Internet discipline. Historically, this role has been known under several aliases, htmler, web designer, coder, frontender and so on, but its core functions remain the same while expanding with the progress of the Internet. It is a hinge role that requires both aesthetic sensitivity and programmatic rigor.


The concept is the younger brother of minimalism. If we are speaking about structure or content, it involves: not filling gaps with irrelevant or reduntant content or elements.     - Empty space is our friend -      People stay away from industrial quantities of information crammed on one single page. Given this, the concept states that we must first have less visible information... only titles, previews (thumbnails generally) extracts of essential content, well separated and identified, and the rest is accessible only by deliberate action of the user.


It represents everything related to text, specifically the characters used in the design and the relations between them. For effective communication with the user, a good design complies with some rules of typography:

• consistency - a maximum of 3 fonts will be used;
• colors - must not use more than 2 colors
• size - maintains a ratio between titles, paragraph text and interactive elements text.


Refers to items that urges the user to interact with them, they are very important! As design - they should be highlighted, and as functionality - be it the input buttons, tabs, dynamic content controls or simple links, by using the jQuery library possibilities today are virtually endless for creating functions, effects, animations, transitions, and generally any kind of interaction with the elements of a website or web page.


I want to redesign my current website, but I want to keep the admin interface, can it be done?
A: Yes it can be done. I did it for many clients.

I need flash animated banners for a AdWords campaign, can you do them?
A: Certainly. It will be my pleasure.

I want a logo for my company, something unique that will represent me long time from now, what can you do?
A: Nothing more or less than a unique logo, memorable, that will impress the harshest critic.

Can you make a website with administration and other functionalities?
A: I specialize in design (graphics, HTML, CSS, jQuery), I can finish half of the development (the Front-end), for PHP, SQL, AJAX, JavaScript web programming services I will recommend you another specialist, freelancer like me.